The Wedding Collection is comprised of four base suites, each with their own design aesthetic.

Choose your pieces from one of the complete, curated suites offered below, or mix-and-match separates from each design to create your own, unique combination. Each suite offers a variety of design and print options, customisable and versatile designs to suit your individual event and wedding stationery investment.

Feeling overwhelm? That's okay!
If you'd prefer to have a suite curated on your behalf you can find out more about the process here.


Curated Collection

Belles Lettres




Save The Date.

Particularly useful for destination weddings, or for those planned to coincide with an observed holiday or extended weekend.

Cut Papers: 4 ½ inch x 6 ¼ inch
Handmade: approx. 5 ⅞ inch x 7 ⅞ inch
Includes Envelope + Digital Return Addressing

from 187.00

Response Card.

Choose if you wish to have your guests reply by mail or to include additional details such as meal, transport, or activity choices.

Cut Papers: 3 ½ inch x 5 inch
Handmade: approx. 3 ½ inch x 5 ¼ inch
Includes Envelope + Digital Return Addressing

from 146.75


Your main event invitation or announcement piece, generally including the details of your ceremony and reception venue(s)/time(s).

Cut Papers: 5 inch x 7 inch
Handmade: approx. 5 ⅞ inch x 7 ⅞ inch
Includes Envelope + Digital Return Addressing

from 252.00

Details Insert.

It's common practice to include additional information (eg. location, directions, pre- or post-wedding events) on a separate card.

Cut Papers: 4 ¼ inch x 5 ½ inch
Handmade: approx. approx. 3 inch x 5 inch
Includes details/information card only

from 74.50

Add-Ons & Embellishments

The Wedding Collection includes additional design elements to take your suite to the next level.


Map Card, Venue Illustration


Calligraphy Addressing, Wax Seal, Vellum Wrap, Twine or Silk Ribbon


Read the Collection Customisation Guide for more information and a full breakdown of all aspects of your stationery investment.

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