Foundrie / Venue Illustration

Foundrie / Venue Illustration


Add a venue illustration to any combination from The Wedding Collection. The venue (or place of interest) can be featured on a Save the Date, your main invitation, or even your envelope liners.


  • An illustration based on your venue of choice to be used throughout your event suite and/or day-of stationery.

How to Order

  1. To begin your order, click 'Add to Cart' and complete the customisation form as part of the checkout process.

  2. Once your suite is in production we'll discuss the venue you've chosen and how you'd like it to be presented in your illustration.

  3. Your chosen viewpoint will be presented as a pencil draft, with one revision to the detailing included. Alternate viewpoints or full revisions incur additional costs. The final illustration will be scanned and digitised for use within your selected suite pieces.

Points to Note

The original artwork and/or digital file are not included with this order. Your illustration will be presented as part of your produced stationery. 

Orders including Add-Ons and Embellishments may require an additional 2-3 weeks production time. Shipping time is additional.

Collection Guide

Refer to the Collection Guide to view the customisation options available, and get in touch if you'd like further information before beginning your order.

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