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The following questionnaire will be used to motivate the design decisions for your initial logo concepts. Sometimes the questions in these forms can be a little daunting, but please be assured that this is a judgement-free zone and I encourage you to be as open and honest about the various aspects of your business as you can! You are welcome to skip any questions you're unsure of, however the more information you share, the bigger the picture I will have of your design goals.

Your responses will be treated with absolute confidence and will in no way be shared or distributed to any third party for any reason. This questionnaire and information collected within will be used for the sole purpose of outlining the design brief for your branding project.

Your Details
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Your Business
Can you tell me in a single sentence the general overview of your business? Imagine you have one moment to describe to a potential client what it is that you do.
List a few keywords or descriptive words/phrases that you use to describe your style and/or aesthetic.
When your clients visit your website or meet with you personally, what should be the feeling/perception you'd like them to walk away with?
Describe your target audience and/or ideal client.
Please list 3 of your competitors; either local, regional, or worldwide.
Please list 3 businesses who's branding/logo/aesthetic you admire; either local, regional, or worldwide.
Your Visual Identity
If applicable, what aspects of your current branding are you both happy/unhappy with and why?
Do you have any colour preferences or existing brand colours I should be aware of?
Please list any specific visual requirements to be considered (if applicable).
Additional Stationery & Design
Indicate the additional stationery pieces you're considering:
Please check all that apply
Include here any additional thoughts or notes to be considered for your design concepts.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch directly please drop me a line.