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Do you take international orders?

Absolutely! If you have any concerns or questions about receiving your order internationally please inquire directly and we can discuss the process.



The cost of each suite, either custom or Collection, is dependent on a number of factors (such as the number of pieces requested, the detail of each piece, paper stocks, etc.) and will be discussed in the preliminary stages of your order. The print and production costs for your suite also depend on a whole host of things, ranging from the print format calligraphy to extra details such as edge-painting or specialty print processes. Be sure to inquire about the various options you’re interested in, or ask how we may be able to work within your individual budget.

The Wedding Collection can be conveniently customised and ordered online.

Calligraphy envelope addressing may be added to both semi-custom and custom orders at a discounted rate.

Please note that custom stationery requires a minimum investment of USD$2,500, click here to inquire.



All orders shipped within the state of California are subject to sales tax.

California Residents: Tax will be applied to your invoice either during the checkout process (online via The Wedding Collection or storefront) or with your confirmed order documentation (custom orders). However, calligraphy addressing for the purpose of mailing is not subject to sales tax. Should you wish to include calligraphy addressing with your order please get in touch directly to arrange this portion of your order.


What are my payment options?

Payments are generally processed online or through a client portal once your project is underway, however Custom Crafted accepts payment for custom suites and event pieces through Stripe, PayPal (no account required), bank transfer, or personal cheque. Note that payment by cheque is subject to a stand-down period of 10 days or equivalent time for the cheque to clear. Any associated bank fees must be paid by you..

Custom commissions are subject to a 35-50% deposit due at the time of your order (depending on scope and scale), with the balance required prior to production. For large-scale suite designs (generally over USD$2500) your invoice may be split into two or three payments depending on the project scope - your deposit, a mid-point design payment, and your final payment (due prior to print production). Shipping is invoiced separately once your suite has been packaged and weighed. Select calligraphy projects are subject to either full payment up-front or a 50% deposit (dependent on scope and materials), with the balance due prior to shipping.

I already have artwork/calligraphy I’d like to use in my suite, can You include this?

Due to differing styles and design aesthetics, I’m unable to incorporate another artist's calligraphy or artwork into a suite design.

On a collaborative level there may be exceptions to this for artwork specifically on a case-by-case basis, however it is an uncommon circumstance and would require a collaboration agreement with the other party to cover usage and copyrights, etc.

Semi-Custom Collection

The Wedding Collection has been carefully designed and curated in the signature Custom Crafted style. The overall design aspects will remain the same, with wording, layout, colour palette, and/or calligraphy customised specifically for you and your event. Customisation requests above and beyond the choices within the online ordering process (including but not limited to: illustration, ink colours or specialty print methods, and custom paper types) should be discussed prior to ordering, and may require a custom order request. Please get in touch if you’d like further information on the custom design process.

Be sure to carefully review your proofs for any spelling errors or inaccuracies prior to submitting final approval. Additional changes once your order has been approved for printing/production will incur additional costs.

Please note that Custom Crafted is unable to refund the difference between the number of sets ordered via The Wedding Collection and your final household count should this reduce during the order time frame. If you require additional sets above the number initially ordered please get in touch as soon as possible to discuss the options available.

The Wedding Collection semi-custom range can be ordered online via Credit/Debit Card.



Yes! If you’re unsure of how to word your invitation set we can work together to come up with something that suits you as a couple. You can absolutely follow traditional ‘etiquette’ guidelines if your heart desires, but adding personality and a bit of yourselves into your design will give you a suite that reflects you both as a couple, representing who you are and the celebration to come.

Returns, refunds, and cancellations.

Due to the handmade nature of calligraphy event suites orders are non-refundable and aren't eligible for exchanges or returns once production has begun. If an error is made by Custom Crafted then we will endeavor to re-print your suite/pieces within the time frame required to meet delivery. If the error is due to incorrect client approval (eg. within the wording approved by the client during the design process), then the costs of re-printing must be covered by the client, including any rush fees (if applicable). Please refer to the Refund Policy for more detail for both Semi-Custom and Custom projects.

Timing and delivery.

When should we order our Save the Dates?

It's recommended that you get started on your Save The Date order as soon as you've booked your venue. Ideally 6-8 months out from your wedding date will give you breathing room for design and print, however for destination weddings (and 2-3 day events) 8-12 months is considered a more reasonable time frame.



THE WEDDING COLLECTION: Allow 6-8 weeks depending on the number of items you order, print method, and embellishments.

CUSTOM SUITES: From introductions to delivery it’s recommended that you allow around 3-6 months for your suite to be completed, packaged, and delivered to you. This is of course dependent on detail, timing, and other considerations, so it pays to inquire as soon as possible to confirm your spot on the production calendar. If you’re short on time do get in touch to see if a rush order can be accommodated (additional pricing will apply).

If you'd like to schedule a chat to talk about your project please get in touch via the contact form.



Each design (both semi-custom and custom) includes a specific proofing process with a set number of revisions to ensure all details are as expected. You will see and approve your design digitally before it goes into production.



THE WEDDING COLLECTION: Assembly of your suites may be included as an 'Add On' during the online ordering process if you are including additional detailing such as postage, vellum, or wax seals. All Collection suites are delivered with an enclosed sample accompanied by instructions/suggestions to best present your pieces to your family and friends.

Costing your sets for mailing and sourcing postage is available on request. If you have chosen this option your set pieces will be packed into your envelopes as part of the assembly process. Packed envelopes will be shipped to you unsealed (unless otherwise requested and arranged).

CUSTOM SUITES: Full-service custom design encompasses all aspects of your stationery from the initial design to assembly of your suite. Assembly includes (but is not limited to) collating your pieces, wrapping, ribbon and/or twine, wax seals, envelope liners, sourcing postage, and packing your envelopes ready for mailing.



THE WEDDING COLLECTION: No, Custom Crafted does not offer a service to mail your suite to your guests. Once your suite is completed and packaged it will be sent to you with your envelopes unsealed - this allows you to do a final check of the pieces ordered and to make sure your envelopes are addressed correctly.

CUSTOM SUITES: This can be arranged on request in most circumstances, inquire for details.



If you need your suite sooner than the standard estimated time frame please get in touch as soon as possible to discuss whether or not a rush is available. As rush orders require immediate attention this will depend predominantly on calendar availability, but also on print/production timing and a number of other factors. Additional fees will apply if your rush can be accommodated. Please inquire for details.


Print and Production.


THE WEDDING COLLECTION: Your print options for the semi-custom suites are digital, foil stamping, and letterpress (see below for descriptions).

CUSTOM COMMISSIONS: When discussing your custom design we'll talk about the vast range of print options available to you, including digital, foil stamping, embossing, letterpress, and  screen printing, or alternative mediums such as wood or fabric. Each process has benefits and limitations to be considered, and we'll decide which will be the best fit for your project, scope, and budget. Certain processes are outsourced (ie. Letterpress and Foil) to experienced printers who specialise in these print methods.

Digital or ‘flat‘ printing is the most cost effective and straight forward option for your suite, printing a digital design directly onto paper without the use of printing plates, generally with a faster turnaround time.

Custom Crafted uses archival-quality Epson UltraChrome HD pigment inks for in-house digital printing. This 8-colour ink system produces accurate, fade-resistant colour on the house range of beautiful fine art and handmade papers.

Hot Foil Stamping uses heat, pressure, and a metallic foil to ‘print’ onto various materials. It's often referred to as hot stamping due to the use of heat in the process. To achieve a foil stamp, a die (or metal plate) comes into contact with the foil, transferring a super-thin layer onto the paper or card, laying either flat on the surface or slightly imprinted.

Semi-custom suites are available with gold, silver, or rose gold foil only, however various foil options can be used in custom commissions – Metallic in a range of standard colours (eg. blue or green), as well as many gold, silver, and copper hues; Gloss Pigment for a high, glossy finish; Matte Pigment for a non-shiny matte finish; and Holographic.

Letterpress is the traditional method used for print work in the mid-15th to 19th centuries using moveable type. More recently, the introduction of copper and photopolymer plates has enabled printers to produce digital designs for use with vintage letterpress machines ('digital letterpress').  Considering the popularity of letterpress stationery today it’s hard to believe that the trademark ‘bite’ – or indent – of letterpress printing is a modern twist to the traditional method, when making an impression on your paper was a big no-no. These days a bold impression on thick card stock is the way to go!

It also pays to note that while beautiful, your letterpressed prints can be a little quirky (and inconsistent), and it’s not the process you should choose for a solid expanse of colour. Letterpress inks are translucent and printed one colour at a time, each with a separate plate (and additional cost). Layering colours will result in mixes (e.g. layering yellow ink over blue will give you a green), and the colour of your card stock will show slightly through the printed ink.



Yes! You may choose handmade paper with digital printing for each of The Wedding Collection suites to have your pieces printed on our house paper. For custom orders there are a number of different papers that can be considered, however not all handmade papers are suitable for digital printing and we can discuss these details as part of your design brief.

A note regarding Handmade Paper: Handmade paper is made using age-old processes typically producing one sheet at a time. While a beautiful choice for event stationery it can be quirky and imperfect (personally I think this adds to it's charm!), natural discrepancies between sheets do occur and each piece will be slightly different from the next. The size/shape/colour of each sheet may also vary, so printing on handmade paper can sometimes mean that the design is not exactly centered/positioned on the sheet, and your prints may not be as sharp as they would be on standard or heavy cardstock.

Specialty Printing on Handmade Paper: Specialty processes such as Letterpress and Hot Foil Stamping can occasionally produce inconsistent results on handmade papers due to irregularities in the surface texture and/or shape and thickness of the sheets. While our print partners are well-versed and experienced in the artisan services they provide, it's recommended that you choose cut card stock if perfection/consistency is important for you and your paper goods.

If you're unsure whether or not handmade paper is right for you please consider ordering a Sample Pack prior to moving forward with your stationery.



If your guest count has increased and you require more paper goods please get in touch as soon as possible to include these with your order. Additional print costs/add-ons and shipping fees will apply if your project has already been printed and/or shipped. Unfortunately we're unable to accommodate requests to reduce the quantity ordered once payment is received and production has begun.



Colours on your printed pieces may differ to what is displayed on your computer screen throughout the production timeline. Please note that your individual computer monitor will be uniquely colour calibrated and printed colours do often vary from what is displayed on screen. You may request a physical, printed sample if exact colour matching is required (additional costs apply).

For digital and letterpress printing Custom Crafted utilises the Pantone colour system for as-near-as-you-can-get colour matching.


What if my envelopes aren’t suitable for calligraphy?

If providing your own envelopes when ordering calligraphy addressing, you’ll first be asked to send through the brand/type and colour of your envelopes. In general most announcement envelopes will be able to take calligraphy inks without bleeding or feathering, however in some cases a sealant or finishing spray may be required. In the uncommon situation where your envelopes aren’t a suitable quality for calligraphy either with or without troubleshooting we can discuss envelope alternatives (additional costs apply), or if preferred you will be refunded the full amount of your order (less shipping fees to and/or from Custom Crafted).



If you haven't found the answer you're looking for feel free to drop me a line via the contact form.

Last updated: January 2019