This guide is intended to answer the most common questions about the Collection ordering process and covers the production process, paper choices, calligraphy styles, wording, and including Add-Ons with your suite.

Please read and refer to this information before submitting your order. 


One: Browse the collection gallery for inspiration to begin the order process. Add set pieces to your Cart in the quantities required (You Choose) or request design options (We Choose). You may also browse and order any Add-on’s you wish to include, such as calligraphy addressing, silk ribbons, vintage stamps, and more (these should ideally be purchased at the same time as your suite, but may be ordered separately if preferred).

All suites purchased through The Wedding Collection receive discounted calligraphy addressing.

Two: Once your order is placed and reviewed you will be sent a link to the client portal where a Customisation Form will be waiting for you - this form details all aspects of the design for your full suite, your wording, and additional artwork or custom requests.

Three: Following submission of your form I will get in touch with you to discuss your choices and options, confirm your production time frame and external vendor timelines (if applicable, eg. sourcing silk ribbon or vintage stamps), and to ask you any questions I may have following the review of your order. Details of your order and Production Timeline will be available in your client portal throughout the process.

Design: When all required information has been received and the details of your order confirmed, the design phase will begin. Two rounds of revisions are included following your initial digital proof for minor changes to your text, calligraphy, and design aspects. Additional edits over and above your two revisions will incur a flat fee of USD$65.00 per revision. Your proofs will be delivered and approved digitally via the client portal.

You will receive your final design document (PDF) showcasing your entire suite/pieces once the revisions phase is complete, and once approved your order will go to print.

Production: Production on your suite begins! I'll be in touch at the mid-point of production to give you an update.

Assembly & Shipping: Your order will be assembled (if applicable), packaged and weighed and you will receive an invoice for shipping (if applicable), as well as any additional charges agreed and discussed during the design/production phases. This invoice is payable prior to your goods being mailed. Once complete your order will be shipped with tracking and insurance.


Customisation requests above and beyond those available to order online may be accommodated at an additional cost (eg. alternative paper stocks, adding bespoke design, multiple color letterpress, etc.). Custom work requested after your order has been submitted may be discussed and approved on an as/when basis (timeline allowing), and you will be invoiced separately.

You are welcome to get in touch prior to ordering to talk about your ideas and discuss how best to customise your suite.


Print methods.

Fine Art Digital (‘flat‘ printing) is the most cost effective and straight forward option for your suite generally with a faster turnaround time.
Custom Crafted uses archival-quality Epson UltraChrome HD pigment inks for digital printing, producing accurate, fade-resistant colour on a range of beautiful fine art and handmade papers.

This method is available with Cover (130lb), Tonal (200gsm) and handmade paper (house stocks).


Letterpress Printing is the traditional method used for print work in the mid-15th to 19th centuries using moveable type. Designs are re-produced onto copper or photopolymer plates to use with a vintage letterpress machine. Ink is added to the press (generally) by hand, and an impression of your design is pushed into the paper via the plate during the print run.

For metallic colors (in most cases) it's recommended that you choose foil stamping as metallic letterpress inks are muted when printed on paper.

This method is available with Double Thick Cover (220lb), Tonal, and handmade paper.


Foil Stamping uses heat, pressure, and a metallic foil. To achieve a foil stamp, a die (or metal plate) comes into contact with the foil, transferring a thin layer onto the paper or card. Custom Crafted foils are slightly imprinted into the paper stock for a textured feel.

Choose from gold, rose gold, copper, or silver. Various foil options are also available for an additional fee - Standard Metallic (eg. blue or green), as well as an extended range of metal hues; whiteGlossMatte; and Holographic.

This method is available with Double Thick Cover (220lb), Tonal, and handmade paper.


House papers.

If you'd like some guidance on which paper to order add a note in the message section during checkout and we can discuss whether an alternative choice would be better for your suite. You're also welcome to get in touch before placing an order to discuss available card and paper stocks. 
Custom Crafted also offers a Tonal range of 200lb paper stocks in black and neutrals that may be included as part of your order (additional costs apply).

Top to bottom: Cover (120lb), Double Thick Cover (220lb), Handmade Paper

Top to bottom: Cover (120lb), Double Thick Cover (220lb), Handmade Paper

Cover (130lb) FSC® Certified and Green-e Certified, sustainable cover stock. Available in bright white and soft white, this paper is a great all-rounder, it has a soft, luxury feel and works well with digital methods.

Double Thick Cover (220lb) 100% cotton, available in bright white and soft white. This paper is almost twice the thickness of our cover stock which makes it ideal for letterpress and foil printing.

Handmade Paper Various blends of cotton and linen available. While recommended for use with letterpress and foil this paper is also available with digital printing.







Digital typefaces.

Choose either Serif or Sans-Serif and I will work with you to combine digital fonts from an extensive collection of professional typefaces.
The fonts shown here are examples for reference only.


Option: Serif


Option: Sans-Serif



Euro-flap envelopes are included with all collection suite packages. As part of the design process you'll be presented with a number of options for your envelopes depending on your colour scheme and suite requirements. You may also request specific colours or styles and I'll do my best to match what you have in mind from over 50 available colours.



Return addressing is included with all collection orders, with the method used being the same as your suite pieces. Please note however that complimentary digital printing is limited to light, mid-range, and non-metallic envelope colours only. If you would like to discuss light ink on dark, or textured/metallic envelope options include your ideas in the notes when submitting your order - special print processes are available with digital suites for an additional cost, and can also be ordered via Add-Ons & Embellishments.


Add-ons & embellishments.

Envelope addressing, wax seals, silk ribbon, and everything in-between, style-matched finishing touches and fully-customised elements to really bring your suite to life. Choose from a number of options to order online or we can work together to create the perfect combination.



Calligraphy Addressing

Available on both your main envelopes (Save the Date, Invitation), and your secondary envelopes (RSVP), Both front and back (return) addressing can be added to your order. Choose from three calligraphy styles and pre-chosen ink colors or request a custom ink mix to match your event pieces.

All collection suites receive discounted calligraphy addressing as part of your order. Be sure to order your calligraphy through the Add-ons section for discounted pricing.

Map Card

Custom map cards are super useful, particularly if you are expecting out-of-town guests or hosting a destination wedding. Your map will include between 2-4 custom illustrations of your venues or places of interest/landmarks, as well as standard map-type directions and extra information your guests may need!

Cut Papers: 4 inch x 6 inch; Handmade: approx. 4 ¼ inch x 6 ½ inch

Available with all Semi-Custom Collection card stocks and print methods.

Letterpress or Foil Return Addressing

You may choose to include letterpress or foil printing for your main envelope and/or response card envelope (costs additional). An extra +25 of each envelope is required for this process.

Response Card / RSVP Numbering

Generally placed at the bottom corner of each card as a hand-written/calligraphy number. This can be useful for keeping track of your response count.


Silk Ribbon

Hand-dyed silk ribbon to tie around your suite. Ribbons are generally 0.5 inch depending on the style and color. You will be shown a number of options to choose from based on the color chosen and availability from ribbon vendors. Each invitation set requires approximately 1 yard of ribbon to wrap your pieces and secure with a bow. Assembly is included and your invitation sets will each be individually wrapped and tied.

Vintage Stamps

This service is perfect to up your 'first impression' game - curated postage sets based on colour, your wedding destination, or event your details. You may purchase a vintage postage stamp service deposit via the Embellishments to add this service to your order. Three alternate sets of postage will be presented to you to choose from. Once you have decided on the postage set you'd like to use for your suite you will be invoiced for the full cost of your vintage stamps (less the deposit already paid). Assembly is additional.

NOTE: Due to the rarity of some stamps vintage postage can range in price anywhere from 3-5 times standard postage costs.

Wax Seal

Choose from three pre-designed seals and a range of wax colors to seal your envelopes ready for mailing. A custom monogram seal can be added for an additional cost. Choose from adhesive seals or have Custom Crafted seal your envelopes for you.

NOTE: Wax seals and other embellishment can add additional costs to your invitation postage. It's also recommended that you request hand-cancelling at the post office to make sure your envelopes and seals are not damaged before they are sent out to your friends and family. Be sure to check with your local post office prior to ordering to check availability and added costs for mailing.

Wording examples.

Be as traditional or creative as you wish! These samples are here to help you get started:



1. Title / Announcement
“Save the Date" / "Save the Date for the wedding of ..."

2. Couple: Your names.
ie. Will you be including middle names or initials?

3. Date: When (wedding date, year) / Where (ceremony (City/State and/or Country)
Generally your Save the Date will specify the City or State/Country of your wedding (as the venue may not yet be booked)

4. Final Note (optional)
eg. "Invitation to Follow"



1. Hosts: Who is inviting your guests to the celebration? 
“Together with their parents” (OR “families”)
“Mr. & Mrs. XX request the honor of your company”

2. Couple: Your names.
ie. Will you be including middle names or initials?

3. Details: When (wedding date, year, ceremony time) / Where (ceremony (location, City/State and/or Country)
eg. “Saturday the 2nd of December, 2016, at four o’ clock in the afternoon
Lavender Hill, Waiheke Island, New Zealand”
eg. “Saturday the Second of December, Two Thousand and Sixteen, at 6pm in the evening
Lavender Hill, Waiheke Island, New Zealand”

4. Final Note (optional): Dress attire and/or wedding website details.
eg. “Reception to Follow” / “Dinner and Dancing to Follow” / “Black Tie”



1. Title / Date
"RSVP" / “Please Reply by ..." / "Your response is kindly requested by ..."

2. Accept or Decline
This can be in the form of boxes ("Yes" / "No") or phrases ("Gratefully Accepts" / "Regretfully Declines")
Don't be afraid to get creative with your response requests!

3. Final Note (optional)
Request additional information on your RSVP (such as special or dietary requirements, transport, etc.)



1. Title
"Details" / "Information" / "Need to Knows" ...

2. Content
Accommodation, Dress Code, Transport, Registry, Wedding Website, etc.

For timing, assembly, shipping, and delivery information please see the Frequently Asked Questions.