Custom Crafted is a boutique calligraphy, design, and letterpress studio specialising in wedding stationery and day-of event details.

New Zealand . USA . WorldwidE


Lisa Woodard  Calligrapher, Designer, Printer

let's break the ice a bit.

I'm a New Zealand raised graphic designer, calligrapher, and letterpress enthusiast currently residing in Southern California with my husband – a VFX artist and Ohio native – who shares in my ongoing struggle of adjusting to life without the Auckland coffee joints we miss so dearly. A collector of typography books and calligraphy nibs, my top five: antique-gold ink, handmade paper, fine paper twine, vintage stamps, and Pol Roger. 

I also take wedding and event stationery very seriously.

My background is in graphic design with a particular affection for print, working with and designing for both standard and specialty print processes. From our first conversation to final delivery you'll be guided through each step as we create wedding stationery to represent and showcase you as a couple, and paper goods you can be thrilled to share with your loved ones and family for years to come.

I’m passionate about hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind events and absolutely adore creating suites and day-of pieces for excited couples in the throws of planning one of the most memorable days of their lives.

Custom invitations, illustration and spot calligraphy, hand-painted signage and murals to semi-custom suites, monograms and large-scale lettering, I would love to discuss ideas for your event and work with you to bring your vision to life.


Our Machines.

In addition to full-colour fine art + white digital printing capabilities, we proudly letterpress in-house on a 1950’s antique Chandler & Price letterpress. Letterpress is an age-old craft that has made a come-back in the form of beautifully imprinted stationery and paper goods, creating fine paper for weddings and milestone life events.



Our beloved Hilde is a classic C&P New Series letterpress from the mid 1950’s. She came to us with a lifetime of experience under her (literal) belt spent teaching the art of printing in a local high school, and she even sports a few vintage safety additions to keep our hands and fingers in tact while she works her magic.



Much like his namesake, Geralt arrived at the studio with two intensely sharp blades which demand the utmost respect (though only one is in use at any one time!). He’s a Challenge ‘Advance’ Guillotine with a casting stamped at around 1920, however his blade-holder dates back to 1889 - a cool 130 years young.


Design is not a thing you do. It's a way of life.

- Alan Fletcher